Carpet Cleaning

There are many reasons you may be considering steam cleaning by LCM for your home carpets. Chances are the main reason is one of need. Carpets get dirty over time, no matter how much you try to prevent it from happening. But when the time comes, it’s important to remember all the benefits of having your carpets steam cleaned:


Hidden Benefits of Steam Cleaning

1. A carpet which is steam cleaned is a carpet with a prolonged life. By taking the necessary steps to protect and clean your carpet you are also protecting your bank account! A carpet which has seen better days can easily benefit from steam cleaning and be restored to its original brilliance. This cost is nominal compared to the cost of having a full carpet replaced.


2. Over time your carpet attracts a multitude of allergens and even dust mites. This does not mean your home is dirty as these things build up in any home and carpet. But they can have an effect on the health and wellbeing of your family. By having LCM steam clean your carpets, you are removing these elements from your carpet and so providing a cleaner space for your family to relax and play.


3. A professionally cleaned carpet is definitely a thing of beauty. But its effect is not limited to just the carpet. A clean carpet has a knock on effect of making the entire room, and your whole house look better. If you happen to be considering selling your home, it can be an easy way to make your home more attractive to potential buyers.


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Commercial Carpet Cleaning

A continuing carpet maintenance program for your commercial space helps to ensure a clean and healthy work environment. A typical maintenance program may include vacuum and steam cleaning a specific area on each visit, checking and spot cleaning other areas, as needed, etc. LCM will customize a plan to fit your company’s specific needs and budget.


Many of our clients also use our services for:

• Special events

• Multiple business locations

• New & resale properties

• Rental properties



3,500 steps…that’s how many steps the average person walks every day.  When LCM applies Scotchgard ® Carpet Protector, you can better keep your carpets looking like new, even in high traffic areas.  Call us for further details on the benefits of this process.