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LCM Property Services Inc. provides complete solutions to enhance, or fully manage, your property’s service requirements.

We have high standards when it comes to keeping your property clean and properly maintained.  Our friendly, well trained and uniformed staff is dedicated to doing the best job possible. All LCM employees are bonded.  We provide full WSIB and liability insurance coverage.

LCM is different….

HOW?  We specialize in working with Condominium Corporations and Property Managers.  Through our experience working with them, we have developed a successful business model…one with Value Added Services which offer significant cost savings for our Condo Corporations, without sacrificing the high levels of service that owners expect.  Our service plan is built specifically to meet the individual needs of each building, Condo

Board and their budgets.  Our on-site LCM staff provide multiple services, beyond solely janitorial duties, including maintenance

items like light bulb replacement, water softener salt or mechanical room checks, assistance with moves, or providing

access to trades for repairs.




The cost of having a live-in superintendent is significant as it involves use of valuable real estate in the building, wages and more. It can be time consuming and stressful for Boards to deal with superintendents that are not fully performing their duties. And if the superintendent is an employee, the Condo Corporation is at more risk of liability. Some Boards are hesitant to implement change as they fear the unknown. We work with the Property Manager and use tested strategies to make the transition from superintendent to LCM staff a smooth one.


When you partner with LCM, all superintendent and maintenance tasks can be performed by individuals who are both accountable and eager to provide excellent service. We work directly with the Property Managers to efficiently care for the building and the needs of the owners. Property Managers do not have to stress about replacing superintendents or covering vacation vacancies. LCM has the staff and resources to make sure the work is always covered. LCM management is involved and accessible. We have great working relationships with our Property Managers and offer professional advice and creative solutions.


We utilize a web based, smart phone & tablet enabled timekeeping and invoicing system in order to provide accurate and detailed invoices.   We also work with our clients in the planning and Proposal stages in order to break out our services under several relevant budgets, in order to keep budgets on track and give the Boards the highest levels of service at a price that fits.



Ask about our ALL INCLUSIVE PRICING* which includes labour, equipment, cleaning supplies AND all your washroom paper and soap supplies.  Save time money & hassle!   *some conditions apply


Our job is to make your job easier!



Boards and owners often comment on a dramatic improvement in the level of cleanliness and helpful service available once LCM is on-site.  We do not have frequent staff turnover, so your owners get to know their on-site LCM staff members and our staff get to know them too!


Does your luxury residential complex want to move to a concierge level of service?  We can provide that! Feel free to call us to discuss some of the many options available.



A high percentage of our business is from referrals, specifically among Condominium Corporations. In fact, because of our reputation for excellence in this sector, you will find LCM on-site at some of the area’s best addresses! We currently have staff in many multi-residential buildings and service almost 1000 Owners, in addition to our many business and residential clients.


Here is a typical comment recently received by our office from a Property Manager of a high-rise luxury Condominium Corporation which recently switched to LCM Property Services: “Everyone is very pleased with the work you guys are doing; I received very positive comments from the Board at our meeting on Tuesday.” Click HERE to go to our Referrals section.


Click HERE to check out Our Clients page for an overview of just some of our current clients, including many recognizable Condominium projects.