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Plaza-Parking Lot Sweeping

Parking lots left unkempt can impact negatively on condominiums and businesses they are part of. Where you park is where you get your first impression of the property. A nasty lot is just bad for business!

Parking Lot Sweeping and underground parking lot maintenance. Image of recently cleaned underground parking.
LCM Offers Underground Parking Sweeping and Power Washing

Plaza and Parking Lot Sweeping

LCM Property Services offers power sweeping, a fast and easy way to keep a parking lot or pavement surface clean and tidy. However, the benefits of sweeping your lot regularly doesn’t stop at how it looks. Sweeping is a very important tool for any property as it also prevents liability claims. In addition, regular sweeping is an important maintenance tool. It prolongs the life of the pavement and drain systems connected to the parking lot.

Power Sweeping is ideal for outdoor and underground parking lots. Our pair of Tennant S30 sweepers are propane powered and produce clean emissions. Regular sweeping picks up garbage, cigarette butts, and sand that tend to build up along curbs. We collect all the debris and dirt and remove it off site. The Tennant S30 machines are also very quiet and won’t disturb or disrupt local business or knapping condominium owners. A regular cleaning regimen will not only protect the integrity of your pavement, but it will also keep it looking new.

Power Washing

LCM offers power washing services for underground parking garages and stubborn parking lot stains. Once the parking garage is swept by our powerful and effective machines, a common 2nd level of cleaning is power washing concrete walls and floor surfaces. Ceiling conduit including electrical, sprinkler, and plumbing pipes are all cleaned by hand so as not to damage sensitive equipment. Refurbish and maintain your underground lots with the help of LCM lot services.

Power Scrubbers

Power scrubbing uses water and soap with sweeping to scrub stubborn stains from any floor surface. This process is effective for underground garages that cannot be power washed due to drainage constraints. Our power scrubbers collect the water they use, and nothing enters the drains. This machine can be used in combination with power washing which makes it very effective in removing ground in dirt or spills. It also protects area drains, stopping fine particles and dirt from collecting or clogging the system. This machine (auto scrubber) is also propane powered making it ideal for underground lots. Our sweepers and scrubbers can also be used inside warehouses and factories to clean large floor spaces.