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Post Construction | PDI

As a builder finishes up a condo building, there are always those “finishing touches”  that need to be done before delivering the new unit to the homeowner. Caulking, paint touch ups, small drywall patches, bathroom hardware installations etc need to get done before delivery. Often, the builder’s employees have moved on to the next phase or other units and these small details that are identified during inspections need to be done quickly. Bringing back employees that have moved to other phases is not practical and will set back the schedule on the next phase, so the solution is outsourcing this PDI work to companies like LCM.

“Devil’s in the details” or the 80/20 rule: 80% of the effort goes into the last 20% of the project. Outsourcing the final finishing touches allows the builder to keep his workforce moving the project forward while delivering the new units on time.

  • LCM consultation with your Project Manager to structure cleaning schedule pricing budget
  • Providing staged and PDI cleanings of individual suites
  • Common area post construction cleaning
  • Proven track record of delivering quality results under the demanding schedule of new construction
  • Recent projects include multiple luxury high-rise towers in London, Woodstock, Kitchener-Waterloo & Guelph
Condominium ready exept for Post Construction finishing
Post Construction Finishing