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LCM & Sustainability


Sustainable cleaning processes and products can play a key role in a larger sustainability plan for our office, business or condo corporation clients. Most contractors exclusively use conventional commercial cleaning products that can contribute to air and water pollution as well as disposable resources that contribute to waste. LCM Property Services works to identify and implement best practices which create less waste and don’t harm the planet or people. Our goal is to balance environmental stewardship, social responsibility, and economic viability.

While we are very proud of the progress made since LCM was first established, our efforts are
ongoing and we continue to look for new opportunities to improve. Included here is a brief summary of LCM’s commitment to sustainability.

Management Approach

LCM has engaged owners who recognize the value of doing their part to protect the environment now and for future generations. The owners, Leigh & Christine Merswolke, as well as other senior managers, regularly attend industry trade show and educational conferences which feature emerging technologies and showcase new eco-friendly cleaning solutions. A sustainable approach is used during their decision making process, particularly when adding vehicles to the LCM fleet.

Leigh, and several other key team members, are CPO certified and oversee the maintenance of Class ‘B’ pools and hot tubs within our client base. This training allows them to ensure the proper use and dispensing of pool chemicals. They also regularly meet with Regional Pool Inspectors in order to ensure compliance.

LCM Regional Managers ensure that staff are trained on the safe and correct use of all cleaning
products. In particular, it is essential to use the correct dilution ratios when dispensing cleaning
chemicals and solutions in order to maintain the health and safety of the worker and the
environment. Additionally, LCM utilizes automated chemical dispensing systems for increased
efficiency and accuracy.

Weekly training sessions are held to discuss various important topics including:

  • safe chemical handling
  • cleaning best practices
  • safe sharps handling, ladder safety
  • hazardous waste handling
  • mental health
  • repetitive tasks and ergonomics
  • conflict resolution
  • dealing with emergency situations
  • communication and customer service training

All LCM staff participate in mandatory WHIMIS and other government mandated safety training.

The goal of providing sustainable options as a building services provider is to contribute towards a happy, healthy future for our clients, staff and the environment. Ensuring a safe and healthy work environment is part of that initiative. With this in mind, LCM has had a Health and Safety Policy in place for many years. Our LCM Health and Safety Committee is active within our company and we are happy to report that we have an excellent track record for workplace safety.

Additionally, we are committed to being of service to all customers including people with disabilities. We have developed an Accessible Customer Service Plan.

Investing in our team is a core value of LCM. In additional to fair wages, we provide health benefits for full time permanent team members as well as a mental health benefit program for all.

Sustainability Initiatives

It is important for LCM to measure and monitor our environmental impact to ensure that we are
operating our company as sustainably as possible. Below we have outlined some recent initiatives undertaken to help improve our sustainability performance in some key areas.

Key Improvements

  1. ECOLOGO certifications are voluntary, multi-attribute, life cycle-based environmental certifications that indicate a product has undergone rigorous scientific testing and exhaustive auditing to prove its compliance with stringent, third party environmental standards.
  2. Hotter cleaning solution increases the chemical molecular activity of the cleaning chemical you are using (including water). This basic chemistry concept can be confirmed in basic science concepts by the Argonne National labs. Increased chemical activity means you will need to use less chemical to clean. Dr. Michael Berry, author of the book Protecting the Built Environment: Cleaning for Health, found that heat simply improves cleaning’s effectiveness. “Even without soap, small amounts of grease will dissolve in water, [but] the amount increases in hot water, sometimes ten-fold,” he says.


LCM is an industry leader as we look to invest in sustainable green cleaning programs. Doing so
can help preserve the health of our clients, our team members who use products and
equipment daily, and the environment.

It is a large undertaking to become as sustainable as possible, with challenges along the way.
While we are proud of what we have accomplished, we recognize that we will need to continue
with our sustainability efforts in order to contribute to a greener world for all of us.

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